Calf Creek Falls

Calf Creek Falls (4kb)

Calf Creek Valley (18kb)

Paradise in the middle of the Grand Staircase Escalante

Auf dem sandigen Weg zu den Wasserfällen (19kb) Close to the town Escalante there is the calf creek falls recreation area. From Escalante you follow UT12 north to boulder. After about 13 miles you'll find it on the left side (N 37°). It's easy to miss because there is only a sign for camping. This campground is not really preferred in this area but it is a good alternative to the one in Escalante. There are only 23 sites and it is often already full in the morning due to the first come first serve basis. So be there on time because you can't make reservations in advance. From the parking lot you have to go on a 6 mile round trip to get to the lower calf creek falls. For this hike you have to pay 2 $. You will find information about that at the information desk at the parking lot. This is also where you have to register yourself for the calf creek. If you have a half day you should not leave out the lower calf creek falls because it is a very idyllic place. The hike is doable for old and young people. It leads you through a nice canyon.

First after you registered the path leads you over rocks and after that you walk mostly on sand. Don't walk barefoot because there are thorns of the bushes. The whole time you walk next to green thorny bushes.

The good thing about these bushes is that you get enough shade and the hike is nice at hot weather. From far away you'll see where the path ends and you can hear the waterfalls rush. After the last curve you walk under bushes and trees and you get to a 50 m high waterfalls (half-round rock cone) which falls into the deep and ends up in a big pool. So bring your swim wear. If you get in a thunder storm, that is what has happened to us, you have the place for yourself. It was great to have this wonderful, idyllic place just for us. I think I will never have this possibility again.

Calf Creek Falls (12kb)

Shadow plays (16kb)

Badepool (9kb)

A tripod for your camera is important. There are so many opportunities for good shots. Look at the rocks - there are some parts which look like marmor. But please leave that place as you have found it. Take your trash with you and respect this area.

North of it there are the upper calf creek falls and also worth seeing. But it is not easy to find the way - we didn't find it. So please wait for pictures and description of this trail.

Update: I did it. I found the upper calf creek falls. Pictures are coming up.

GPS Data of Lower Calf Creek Falls - N37º 49' 45", W111º 25' 12".

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Last update: 01/17/2006