Fisher Towers Moab

Fisher Towers

A side trip using scenic byway 128


For all people who are in the Moab area:

Fisher Towers, Utah

That's where you end when you go in the wrong direction (485kb)

Besides the great famous National Parks Arches & Canyonlands there are the Fisher Towers about 40 minutes north east of Moab that are worth a visit. The best time to take pictures is in the golden hour when the towers begin to turn in a fascinating violet.

To get there:

Start in Moab and follow highway 128 along the Colorado River. The road is curvy and leads you next to high fascinating rock faces; the river on one side and the high steep rock faces on the other side. So take your time for this great road. For me it is one of the most gorgeous roads in the southwest. Enjoy that trip with slow speed and real Native American music. On the road there are enough areas for a nice picnic just right next the river in the shade of many trees. With luck you will see people on their rafting boats paddling down Colorado River.

Fisher Towers, Utah

E.T. and other Hoodoos are watching you (395kb)

The Fisher Towers are further north of that fascinating area. At milepost 21 you turn right on a dirt road and follow that for about 3 bumpy miles. Now, you see the towers and drive straight towards them. Next to the Fisher Towers there is a picnic area as well as a camping area. Please bring enough water with you because there is no possibility to refill your water. If you have enough water with you, I suggest a walk to the towers. That is worth seeing. Titan, the highest of the 3 towers is about 300 meters tall. But careful: don't rely on the map and don't follow the foot steps in the red sand. There are no real paths and sometimes there are little cairns that are supposed to show you that way. But often they lead you to a dead end or in the wrong direction. To get to the towers you first have to cross a dried riverbed. The best way to get there is to go - from the beginning of the trailhead - straight towards the towers even if the maps show something else. On the way there are lots of nice scenic overlooks and lots of nice shots to take. But be careful! After strong rainfalls the way is extreme moody and slippery. So don't avoid hiking boots. I can tell you from my own experience that it is not funny to walk on a slippery path wearing sandals. And you will also have the mood between all your toes.

Fisher Towers, Utah

Here you see how high the Fisher Towers are compared to the size of the hoodoos (351kb)

The best time to visit the Fisher Towers is in the late afternoon, in the golden hour, which is about 2 hours before sunset. You have to be there on the right place at the right time when the rocks turn from brown into a fascinating violet and shiny red.

Fisher Towers, Utah

View of the Fisher Towers after you pass the side canyon (367kb)

During the golden hour you can take the best pictures right from the picnic area or from the riverbed. If you don't mind an extra short trip, you will have a much better view from the Colorado river. You will see the shiny red towers which reflect in the water and gives you a perfect shot. In the background there are the La Sal mountains which are covered with snow according to the seasons. But you will need a tripod for your camera for sure. To get there follow the Scenic Byway 128 east. After 4 miles you cross a cattle guard and then on the left side of the road there is a little parking lot. From there you walk a path for a few minutes to the river.

Fisher Towers, Utah

Full moon over Fisher Towers (128kb)

There are very helpful people in the visitor center in Moab who will be happy to give you the information you need.

Geocaching: You can also do geocaching around and in Moab - but as long as I know not at the Fisher Towers.

Last update: 08/29/2007