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New report: Red Rock Canyon / Las Vegas

2009-10-07  New report: Valley of Fire
Negro Bill Canyon
The [Valley of Fire] is north of Las Vegas and about 1 hour away. Besides Red Rock canyon is Nevada’s oldest State park a very nice trip to get away from the big city. Lots of tourists stay in the Valley just for a few hours. But despite the big heat it offers a lot more than just the few stops on the street.

2009-09-15  New report: Negro Bill Canyon
Negro Bill Canyon
Most of the people come to Moab because of the two big national parks Arches and Canyonlands. But there is much more around Moab. Besides the described hikes to delicate Arch, to Corona Arch and Fisher Towers we discovered another highlight last fall 2007. Not unknown but easy to miss is the hike to [Negro Bill Canyon], a great trip in backcountry.

2009-08-25  New report: Antelope Canyon
Lower Antelope Canyon
[Antelope Canyon] is a well-known and the most visited slotcanyon of the United States. It is located near Lake Powell east of Page. Inspired from the beautiful pictures from Michael Fatali and Tom Till I went to the Upper Antelope Canyon in 1996 for the first time. Since then I have been there many times but the last time I only went to the Lower Antelope Canyon. The "Antelope Canyon Navajo Tribal Park" is private property of the Navajos and is a great trip for thousands of visitors each year. The very interesting motifs in combination with different exposures to light and different red colours are just a paradise for (hobby) photographers.

2009-06-25  New report: Angels Landing
Angels Landing
[Angels Landing] is a great hike but not for people with vertigo - especially for the last part of the hike. The new report describes the whole trail with 12 pictures.

2008-01-09  New report: Fisher Towers with new pictures
  The new travelogue [Fisher Towers] contains 5 new pictures that are being displayed with a new image display method.  

2006-12-16  New report: Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch
[Delicate Arch] is online. Delicate Arch is obviously not only the most famous natural bridge of the USA but also the most visited one.

2006-12-12  New webdesign
  The webpage shines in new splendor.  

2006-08-10  New report: Calf Creek Falls
Calf Creek Falls
Hiking and cooldown - it's possible. The report about the bathing paradise Calf Creek Falls at Grand Staircase is online.

2006-08-02  New report: Goblin Valley
Goblin Valley
I finished a new report about Goblin Valley Statepark in Utah.

2006-07-28  New report: Fisher Towers
Fisher Towers
Most people just miss to visit them. Close to Moab you will find Fisher Towers on SR 128.

2006-07-20  New report: Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
The first report is online: Grand Canyon - a two day hike down the Grand Canyon, from top to bottom and back.