Little Wild Horse Canyon

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Attention: Please watch the weather forecast! Danger of flash floods!

Little Wild Horse is close to Goblin Valley and also a big highlight. For me it is one of the best slot canyons I have seen. I guess you think of Antelope Canyon near Page when you hear the word "slot canyon". But its totally different. The colors and also the surrounding area that is what I like better. Sometimes you'll meet some people but you definitely can also enjoy the silence and loneliness of this slot canyon.

To get there:

Same way like to Goblin Valley. Just before you get to Goblin Valley you have to take a dirt road for 5,3 miles till you get to parking lot of the trailhead. If it is not rainy the road is easy for any car or van even if it is sandy sometimes. But if the roads are wet it is dangerous to drive there. So watch the weather forecast first before you go on that trip.

Eingang der NarrowsYou don't need any special equipment for this trip. But don't forget to bring water, sun tin lotion and a hat and... of course your camera. People who like geocaching should bring their GPS device.

On the parking lot there is an information desk with good maps. After you followed a dried river for a quarter mile you come to a big rock that blocks the path. The possibility to continue the hike is on your left hand side. You have to go up on a "rock" and after you make a left turn you can go down to the dried river. This is where Little Wild Horse Canyon and Bell Canyon meet. On your right side you go into the Little Wild Horse. If you don't have a lot of time, just take 2 hours and walk into the Little Wild Horse. The narrow parts are at the beginning. The complete hike is a 9.4 mile roundtrip and leads to the Bell Canyon. If you want to go for a one day-hike you'll need 5-6 hours. But I suggest not doing that because Little Wild Horse is much better. The complete trail leads you to an old jeep trail and is not so spectacular than the beginning of Little Wild Horse Canyon. And you are always under the burning sun. That is why I suggest walking into Little Wild Horse Canyon to a very narrow and then turn around and walk back the same way. You can't get lost. It is very impressive when the rock faces are "getting" higher and narrower. Sometime it feels as if you are exploring a cave. Very interesting are the stones and the wholes in the rocks. That is a good motif for a shot. This whole trail is good for photographers. The canyon is getting so narrow that you have to squeeze through it. So don't take a big backpack. Around noon is the best light. But you should always take a stand for your camera because some parts are really dark.

After that you could make a stop in Goblin Valley for sunset. There is also a possibility to camp. The campground is very idyllic and it is worth getting up for sunrise.

I have always preferred the campground in Hanksville. Nice people, clean toilets and very cheap (13 $).

For all GPS friends and geocaching people: In Little Wild Horse Canyon is a geocache. You will find it after the narrow parts when the canyon is wide. Look on your left side for a double arch. There is a small box. You will get GPS coordinates per email.

The Holes

Es gibt auch Grün im Little Wild Horse Canyon

Last update: 04/01/2006